Shelters Help Build Better Lives and Communities

GreenHouse17 is one of 15 regional domestic violence centers across the state that shelter domestic violence survivors and their children at the most vulnerable point in their lives. The 15 programs are members of the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence (KCADV). Last year, KCADV programs housed over 3,600 men, women and children, but had to turn away over 1100 because of lack of space.  An additional 17,800 survivors who didn’t move into the shelters received services, including navigating the court system, counseling and support groups, finding housing, and applying for Medicaid, childcare and other public assistance. The programs also provide housing and housing assistance, financial education, credit counseling, micro loans and other economic empowerment advocacy. State funding for direct domestic violence services is only now starting to reach pre-recession funding levels, despite a growing demand for a broader array of services. Residents are staying longer and have more complex needs. Funding cuts in social services mean shelters are serving more survivors with mental health and substance abuse issues. In Kentucky, we take care of our own. When someone needs help, we step up. But when people who need help have to be turned away, we know that funding is not adequate. More investments would allow more places for people to feel safe and build better lives, like they do at Greenhouse 17 in Central Kentucky.