January 22, 2016

Report Shows Special Interests Prioritized Over Our Commonwealth

The taxes we pay in Kentucky are invested in things that make us stronger together like schools, libraries, roads and parks, to name a few. When we all chip in, we share the benefits of an educated, healthy workforce and thriving communities. But due to an ever-expanding set of special interest carve-outs, we have less to invest. In fact, tax breaks are growing so big in the Commonwealth that the money we leave on the table through various exemptions, exclusions, […]
January 22, 2016

Report on Kentucky State Budget

A comprehensive preview of the upcoming two-year Kentucky state budget confirms both a massive funding gap facing the state for the next two years and a need for reinvestment in many areas post-recession. Authored by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy (KCEP), the report notes that expected growth in state revenue the first year of the new budget will be at least $500 million less than basic new costs the state will face in pensions, corrections, Medicaid and school population […]