Kentucky faces a choice: protect investments in education, health and other state priorities from further budget cuts, or continue to give tax breaks to special interests?

The resources provided here will help you make this choice clear in conversations with family, colleagues, neighbors, fellow parishioners and legislators: We cannot continue to cut. We need to clean up special interest tax breaks and invest in Kentucky.

What Are Kentucky’s Options?

Kentucky Center for Economic Policy: Revenue Options Report

Coalition for a Smoke-Free Tomorrow: $1 Tobacco Tax Increase

2018 House Bill 29

Republican Proposals To End Tax Breaks Could Create a Better Budget

2018-2020 Tax Expenditure Analysis Report

Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform (2012)

What Not to Do

Cautionary Tales From Tax-Shifting States

Community Conversation Toolkit

Kentucky Together Talking Points

Why We Need Revenue

Charts and Graphs

Erosion of Kentucky’s general fund

Budget shortfall

Kentucky’s expensive tax breaks

Kentucky’s budget: revenue and appropriations

Kentucky’s regressive tax system

Bring the budget back home through a series of videos about how the investments we make with taxes affect every day Kentuckians and the programs and services we all believe in.