February 8, 2017

Senior Programs Important to Thriving Communities

As more and more Kentuckians age into retirement, the need to invest in various senior programs, like Meals on Wheels, is important. Senior programs help people stay independent and living in their homes, rather than in an assisted living or nursing home. The key to thriving communities is not only helping our children through education investments, but also our seniors later in their lives. Watch how such programs work in places like Edmonson County, Ky.  
November 18, 2016

Q and A: Why Conservation is Important to Thriving Communities

As we take a closer look at land conservation in Kentucky, including with our new Impact video, we asked Lane Boldman, Director of the Kentucky Conservation Committee, to answer some questions about Kentucky’s conservation efforts. Why should Kentuckians care about conservation? There are many reasons to care about conservation, both for the health of our natural environment and for the economic benefits that are provided. Companies consider quality of life, including access to high quality outdoor recreation, as a factor […]
October 12, 2016

Opinion: How We Spend Reflects Who We Are

by Rev. Dr. Peggy C. Hinds Faith communities across the Commonwealth are preparing for their annual stewardship campaigns – a time when individuals and families prayerfully reflect on what we have been given, what we have to give, and how we can use it to support wholeness, joy and abundance among our neighbors and in our communities. Along with the budgetary commitments that come out of stewardship campaigns, the inner work that gets done bears fruit. We become more aware […]
October 5, 2016

Q and A: Why Child Care Assistance Reimbursement Rates Need to Increase

Like many other states, Kentucky operates a child care assistance program to help low-income parents while they work. But the program is vastly underfunded, putting a strain on not only child care providers – who aren’t receiving enough to cover their services, causing many to close – but also parents, many who don’t qualify for assistance because eligibility is too restrictive. Greg Doyle, senior lender with the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED), has seen firsthand what low reimbursement rates […]