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Kentucky Together calls on the legislature to clean up special interest tax breaks to raise the revenue we need to invest in our commonwealth. Budget proposals from the Governor, House and Senate have shown that we just don’t have enough revenue to adequately fund the public investments that grow our economy and help us all.

The video below is a reminder that not all tax proposals will produce positive change for the commonwealth.  Click here to view options that do.

The Kentucky General Assembly has convened for the 2018 session — a budget session in which the 2018-2020 budget will be written and enacted.

Facing a $1 billion shortfall, the legislature and Governor have a choice.

Will they choose to cut spending even more, as Kentucky has done over the last decade?

Or will they clean up special interest tax breaks that benefit only a few in order to invest in the things that benefit us all?

It is clear that Kentucky needs more revenue. You can’t get something for nothing, and if we don’t choose to raise revenue and invest in our Commonwealth, our schools, public safety, infrastructure, public health systems and so much more will continue to be underfunded, understaffed and hurt our future.

Email your state legislators and ask them to choose investments in Kentucky over special interest tax breaks.

Your voice is important in the fight for a tax system where everyone chips in for the investments that benefit us all. We need a state budget that makes those investments, instead of continuing to cut.

Learn more about how you can get involved by visiting our Toolkit, and about the difference between an upside-down tax shift and real reform on our Resources page.