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Kentuckians work together to build good public schools, support a healthy and productive workforce, and create thriving communities. When everyone chips in through taxes, we get a lot done. We’ve made major progress in education over the last 25 years, supported by tax changes that improved funding; we’re taking big steps toward becoming a healthier state; and we enrich our lives and communities by investing in libraries, colleges, human services, public safety and more.


But due to growing tax breaks in our revenue system, we are losing ground. A tax code full of carve-outs for special interests is leaving us with less to invest in our Commonwealth. As a result, Kentucky has endured 20 rounds of budget cuts since 2007 and many of our priorities are sorely underfunded.


But it’s not too late: we can reverse damage from budget cuts and start making good on obligations. It’s never too early to start investing in a brighter future. That’s the reason for Kentucky Together, to bring people together to call on our governor and lawmakers to clean up tax breaks so that we have what it takes to move Kentucky forward.

Bringing the Budget Home

The Budget of the Commonwealth is for all of us. Hear from your fellow Kentuckians what happens when we fail to make adequate investments and what we could do with more.